That day

This poem was read last week Sunday to a group of young people like me at a Youth concert in London. Thank God for an opportunity to share his amazing love

They kept watch
Remembering his promise
Three days watch
Prayers persistent

Then a blast
The earth shook
Events unforgettable
Took place at a scene
Yet in the hearts
And forever remained

Salvation brought down
At the grave side
Darkness turned to light
When he burst forth
Triumphantly, he gave death a blow
That silenced it all

Presumptuous sins,
Sorrows, pains
Heartaches, unforgiveness
Hatred, jealousy
Stubbornness, disobedience
Drunkeness, drug addiction
Depression, mourning,
Diseases and all evil

All gone
Our hope alive
That glorious morn
When Christians began living
Because our testimony became complete

Oh, for we await that morn
That day when we shall be like him
Our salvation paying off
When we meet him in the air
And receive a crown of glory

When we will all see his face
And understand it all
The day we will become victorious
And triumphant over Sin and Satan

I await that day
When heaven’s gate I behold
My King in all his Splendour
Smiles down at his beloved child

When my saviour shall say
“Well done!”
I pray to shake hands with you
And sing the Hallelujah chorus
On that great resurrection morn


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