Lessons from Dad

As a little girl growing in Western Africa, I sat at my Dad’s feet and loved the way he talked to me. Like every Father, he wished the best for his children. My Dad taught me so many things they won’t teach you at school, I look back now and smile because these lessons have been helpful in avoiding major mistakes young people make.


1. I remember him saying this, which he quoted from one of those books he read “If you don’t know where you are going people will direct you anywhere“. He gave an illustration: If you are going to the market and you don’t know the way to the market but then you are sure you are going to the market, you’d ask for direction to the market and not just anywhere.


2. Life has speed bumps just same way the road does. I never forget the exact spot he mentioned that, in his car, we were driving home from another city and something had happened to me. Life for me as a child had gone quite smooth till I hit those speed bumps and I never wish to hit them again.


English: Speed bumps in Dunsbury Way

English: Speed bumps in Dunsbury Way (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3. Always set goals. Throughout my study, I know this has been of immense help, I can’t remember a year at Uni I didn’t set goals of my grades. Out of Uni now, I see me repeating this exercise.


4. Write it down! my dad would repeatedly say. I haven’t been so used to writing everything down but I got used to it at some point. I wrote down all my ideas and aspirations and I can see its results.


He taught me more, but these will do for now. As time goes on, I’ll share all I can remember.



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