A Note to You #1

Thank You my dear Flickr friends

Thank You my dear Flickr friends (Photo credit: maher berro)

Following the epistle of Bro. Paul to the Thessalonians, I find it incumbent to share with you my prayer as a note. For your time taken to read Christ’s ministrations to me in form of poems, the admonitions included from me and a friend. I would like to bless your days with this prayer:


Prayers (Photo credit: Xerones)

  • Your days shall be filled with testimonies which shall bring others to the way of the cross
  • You and yours shall be fruitful unto every good work.
  • You shall grow in the knowledge of God continually as he finds you worthy of his calling
  • His divine grace shall continually be your companion as you grow in faith and in the power of God.
  • May Christ be glorified in all you do and in the end reward you with everlasting life in his Kingdom. AMEN

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