Transformation: New life

I’ve been a Christian almost all my life should I say. Yes, when you hear the word Christian you do not think of the meaning first before you exclaim “oh,what church do you attend?” .
I have been a Christian but not Christ-like. When he made me a new creature I did not totally, 100% follow in the way I.e. no constant renewal of the mind. This is very deadly as a believer you need to constantly dig deeper for more of God.
Bless the name of God. I’ve been doing things my own way, till God said, no child my plan for you is best. Initially, I battled to accept God’s plan, but when I fully yielded, I began seeing many truths and reasons in his plan.
God has brought people my way to help me in my walk and everyday I am renewed by their words and walk. Everyday I kneel in prayer saying, “thank you Jesus for this friend”, I mention names as they come to memory.
I want to encourage anyone struggling spiritually, pray this prayer

“Father, as I study your word, open my eyes to behold the wondrous works out of thy law. Let your spirit teach me all I need to know and may I grow hereafter, Amen.”

Afterwards, take up your bible and study. “Study to show thyself approved unto God” don’t just read ask yourself like in Acts, “understandeth what thou readest?”
I have been blessed by this and I hope it blesses you too? If unable to understand, share with other bible Christians or here on my blog, the Holy spirit will explain all that needs to be understood. Glory!


2 thoughts on “Transformation: New life

    • Very true. So many truths. When I began digging into the word, it was like a mirror. I saw myself through God’s word. My prayer is to be a doer and not just a hearer of the word. Blessings Debbie.

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