Leaning in Confidence


Tears poured down my cheeks as I supported my baby cousin while she tried climbing. She knew she had a support and trusted me enough to let her hands off for a while to fall back on me. I thought to myself, this is what I should be doing with God right now. A poem popped into my head which I wrote in my heart but I am not exactly sure it is as below:

Just after the miracle
Came the slicing
It banged on me
Then there was the praising
I look to heaven
My heart so tight and heavy
Your arms my haven
I will lay down my burdens so heavy
Tears so much 
Pour down my cheeks
It is almost a bucket rush
But I won’t kick against the bricks
I lean in confidence
Knowing you have my back
I will bring my all, you are my defence
Your support pulls be from the dark

2 thoughts on “Leaning in Confidence

  1. “Lean in confidence”…I love that!! Amazing how Jesus can “go before us” and “have our back” at the same time!!!! Certainly was can always lean on Him!! Love this poem!!

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