“Are You Listening?”

This is definitely the way we are. A perfect reminder in this time and age when everyone seem to be in a rush. We all need to stop and listen to God’s plan for us.

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Artist

We may not desire to admit it, but haven’t we all been asked at various points in life . . . “are you listening to me?”  Our answer was likely “yes.”  I wonder how often that answer is the truth?  As our eyes sort of glaze over and our focus is clearly elsewhere, the human speaking knows the answer before asking the question.

Jesus wants to speak to us.  He wants us to listen.  He hears our cries.  He holds the answer.  We rant that our prayers aren’t answered.  Our problems go unsolved.  He is saddened by our lack of stillness and our lack of focus . . . He doesn’t ask us “are you listening?”  He knows.  He waits.  We run in circles.  Like a pup, we chase our tails.  Eventually we fall.  Thenwe listen.  Does He remind us it wouldn’t have happened if we’d only have…

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