B. Ferguson

To the end
To the finish
Past the goal
Past the anguish
Beyond the pain
Beyond the shores
Through the rain
Through the storms
Amidst the wall
Amidst the war
Whilst the fall
Whilst the gore
Pushing the foe
Pushing the force
Breaking the woe
Breaking the course
Throughout the night
Throughout the streets
Hurting, the fight
Hurting, the feet
Strengthened, the heart
Strengthened, the whole
Abate the wind
Abate the skull
Finding the path
Finding the light
Though the depth
Though the plight
Regained, the goal
Regained, the sight
Reaching the line
Reaching the tape
Mindset that way
Mindset that fate
Continue, the charge
Continue, the call
Holding the edge
Holding resolve
Whatever may come
Whatever may sprawl
Still I will be…
Striving to win
Striving to run
Until the day
Until the dawn

Copyright 2013
B. Ferguson

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