Your Will

It eats back at me
Fights at me in force
I hear you speak to me
Your will not a fuss

Reading how you bent
Beneath the load of earth
Yet so much, did not dent
Your goal achieved on earth

To be like you is all I ask
Your knees so strong
You did not stop to ask
‘Your will be done’

I am so broken, I feel weak
But these words, your will
I don’t seem to abide each week
All I do is moan, but it is Your will

Help me to appreciate it
To allow you do your work
To watch and see you do it
Bringing to pass every good work

It is difficult and so did Christ know
Help me, like Christ to be calm
Through all life throws, let me know
‘Your will’ will forever be a balm



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Your royal-green thought

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