How it is truly spelt

His feet was swift,
Directed by Him
His strides, long
To save the drift.

His heart was pure,
Full of love and forgiveness
He didn’t give in to hate;
Those undone he gave cure.

Up there for a start,
He bowed before the throne;
An act of total surrender,
On earth, he didn’t dart off.


Constantly teaching,
Showing ‘how’ by example,
Giving it through his lips,
The hungry did fetch.

Satisfying both soul and body,
Not one denied of his presence,
Instead an invitation to all:
“To my throne, come boldly”.

When the time came,
Another complete surrender,
In humility and love,
Gave grave and death a shame.

That is how “Christian” is spelt;
Not a life of words but of the Word,
Not a tell-tale of the word,
Living it just as he did, an example always.



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