Look at the faces

Welcome to East Croydon; home of the dead babies!

Welcome to East Croydon; home of the dead babies! (Photo credit: OwenBlacker)

I was working through my creative writing course work and I was asked to go to a busy place and watch the faces of people. I had previously done this before on a train but with all taught in mind, this was an even exciting adventure.

I sat at East Croydon train station and watched the faces of people, I could tell each story. The little child who kept track of the next train time, the old lady who was quite interested in what was going through my mind, the wife who kept talking to her husband about train being delayed, the woman who sat with a worried look and the young man on his phone with a smile on his face as he kept typing away.

377158 at East Croydon

377158 at East Croydon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was really excited but in all of these faces, there was a common factor: Everyone waited for their train and kept track of the time. Although it was cold people helped each other with directions and next train and where to make changes. Now that was something captivating.

I took that with great interest. We all are on a journey of life, our destination heaven. Don’t just keep a straight face and think of yourself alone, think of others, think of how far your journey has come with God, think of your destination and LOOK AT THE FACES, HELP!!! Assist a sister or brother, help someone on their path of faith, help them write their story of salvation and be a blessing.


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