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Precious Cargo
Precious Cargo – please help

Every day, MAF is flying precious cargo to some of the world’s most isolated people. Will you help us fly precious cargo? Click on the box to find out more…

East Africa update

Last week the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge urged us not to forget the plight of people in East Africa as millions continue to suffer. With news stories reporting on insecurity on the roads around the refugee camps, MAF’s flights are as vital as ever. One of the organisations using our flights is World Concern. They offer a voucher system enabling people to buy food rather than receive handouts. Please keep them and those who are suffering in your prayers.

medairDisease and isolation
Jiech in South Sudan is home to Medair’s Emergency Response Team, set up to deal with an outbreak of kala-azar – a deadly disease that attacks the liver. MAF planes are helping restock the make-shift clinic by carrying supplies, as well as Medair staff. To find out what happened to 18-year-old Nyapieth when she arrived at the clinic, so ill she was barely able to walk read on…  



Shop and give
Do you do your shopping online at Tesco, Sainsburys or Marks and Spencer, if so then you can help support MAF. Just sign up to Give as you Live™  and choose us as your charity. These shops and many others are taking part to give money to charity!

sainsburys Tesco Marks and Spensers


MAF – Flying for Life

East Africa Crises– MAF Flying 3 months on.It’s been over 3 months since famine was officially declared in parts of Somalia.

Our team has carried over 600 passengers and nearly 4500kg of freight to the camp and to other famine stricken parts of Kenya, as well as flying non-stop in South Sudan where independence has brought an increased demand for flights.

With security fears and vast distances to cover,  MAF has been flying twice weekly in support of the organisation working to bring aid to Dadaab – the world’s biggest refugee camp.

Generous donations of over £730,000 will enable our flying operations in East Africa to continue without interruption and bring lifesaving help to those in need.

Join us as we continue to pray for the 12 million people affected by famine.

Click to be a part of this here 


South Sudan Independence

This Saturday, 9 July, South Sudan officially becomes independent.After decades of civil war, a peace agreement signed in 2005 gave the South autonomy for 6 years and allowed for a Referendum in Jaunary 2011, giving the southerners an opportunity to vote to remain as a united Sudan or to secede.An overwhelming majority of southerners (around 99%) voted for secession.

On 9 July, the world’s newest country is born.

The road to Independence has been fraught with unrest and difficulty. Recent uprising in

From Sudan, our Juba Base Manager John Tipper shares,

‘Recent months of transition into a new country have been marred by increasing reports of fighting. In some places the Southern army has met their Northern counterparts, initially in the contested border town of Abyei, and more recently in the Nuba Mountains of Southern Kordofan.

In other places splinter militia groups, some dating back before the six year peace accord, are fighting the Southern government for positions of power. On top of all this, cattle rustling with its endless cycle of retaliatory killings goes on. New land mines are being laid, banditry and car-jacking incidents are on the increase, and travel by road becomes a heightened risk for all.’

 Pray for Sudan and support the work of MAF. Click the picture to be directed to official website.

Influx of Somali refugees to Kenya

Posted July 4, 2011 by In6ii

 Violence erupted in Dadaab refugee camp last week. Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya is home to thousands of refugees from Somalia. The violence resulted in the death of one refugee and injuries were sustained by several other refugees. You are probably wondering why there was violence in a refugee camp in the first place and what the aid workers were doing to quell the violence. Well, according to UNHCR the riot began when illegal structures built around a food distribution point got destroyed and the Kenyan police used teargas (as usual) and later live ammunition.

Do not retreat on helping where necessary, you never know the face that will smile due to your assistance.

Christian Aid in Nigeria

A history of political instability combined with religious and ethnic conflict, corruption and mismanagement of oil revenue and public resources, means the majority of Nigeria’s population – the largest in Africa – has seen little progress as a result.

 Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil producer, yet an estimated 90% of its population live in poverty. It has a reputation for being one of the world’s most corrupt nations. Conflict and discord between religious and ethnic groups ensures a lack of joined effort to counter corrupt practices.

Health: Nigeria accounts for one in four of all malaria cases in Africa and with some three million people living with HIV in the country, HIV and malaria combined account for 179,000 deaths in Nigeria every year. The result is more than one million orphaned children. One in five children does not reach their fifth birthday.

Energy poverty: Nigeria suffers from regular blackouts and a compromised energy infrastructure. With 148 million people, 90% of whom live on less than a dollar a day, it is essential for Nigeria’s future that it is given support to develop clean forms of energy available to the poor.

Direct me to their website please.


After attending a Christian exhibition sometime this year at Esher, I have been in the mood of prayer and help towards those in need. Not forgetting sometime ago there was the Haiti Crash and recently the earthquake in Japan. These cases left many homeless, some fatherless, some widowed, some families totally wiped out from this earth and some children have become orphans. The list we could do is to help them, offer a couple of quids (pounds) each month or pray for them daily. They need it. Some organisations have taken it upon them to care for these people and through them we could get our resources out to those in need. Here is an update from a few of these organisations.


Emergency flights for measles epidemic

11 April 2011

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is airlifting emergency immunizations and health workers into remote areas of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to fight a measles epidemic which has already claimed the lives of 210 people.

Pilot Garth Pederson says MAF has flown 12 measles related emergency flights since January, including four within the last 10 days that transported 35 Congolese and European health workers to Tshikapa in Kasai province, 350 miles east of the capital Kinshasa. From there, workers travel by vehicle or motorcycle to outlying communities.


 To read more about this article and learn how you could be of help click here 
Assist Children in India as well:
In Their Own Words Print E-mail
Manohar – “I was hopeless, Acts of Hope have given me not only

hope, but also opportunity to study. Thank you Acts of Hope.”

Shashi – “Because of Acts of Hope I am a student in a school,

otherwise I would have been a ‘Child Labourer’.”

Sugandhi – “But for this school, I would have been helping my

parents vending vegetables. But now I teach my parents how to

vend vegetables justly. I thank the school for the knowledge it has

imparted and the knowledge that I am going to get in future years.”

Jeevashree – “I love this school so much and the school has done

so much for me that I want to be in this school throughout my


Priya Diana – “How to live? Not that education is everything, but

the moral science taught in the school will definitely make us

upright citizens.”

For more information go to Acts of Hope 
Also support the cause for HIV/AIDS and how it could be stopped especially in third world countries in a Continent like Africa.


The UN high level meeting on HIV/AIDS began yesterday, 08/06/2011. Its been 30 years since the discovery of HIV/AIDS and many countries have been battling with this disease some a lot more than others. It is common knowledge that Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected. Some days ago, a report which showed that treating TB would reduce the number of deaths among people living with HIV/AIDS and now the new compact as agreed upon from yesterday’s meeting calls for shared responsibility.

Shared responsibility is necessary because the global economic crisis hit many economies hard and as a result funding for HIV projects has reduced. A UNAIDS report shows 70% of funding for HIV/AIDS in 56 countries comes from international donor funding. The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibe acknowledged that we need  to share responsibility based on shared values for a social compact. The new compact calls for:

1. Country responsibility- smart responses and recognition of human rights, increase in domestic investment based on   ability

2. International responsibility -predictable long-term financing, new development partnership and increased support from emerging countries

Click here to read the full article and don’t forget to comment (when commenting Identify that you were linked through emeraldogz blog. Thank you).


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