I’m a farmer and for the past months there has been no rain. Do I till the ground and prepare for new planting or do I wait till it rains? I think I’ll be patient and wait few more weeks.

Sound of reasoning: Hey Farmer, you go ahead and prepare for planting because you do not know when it will rain

Farmer: I’m tired of waiting

Sound of reasoning: Patience is a virtue

Farmer: Ermm, maybe. Thanks

A week later comes a heavy downpour, day after day it rains. What made the Farmer change his mind? PATIENCE

Success is sweet: the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats.
              —–A. Branson Alcott—-

This is something lacked by many including me the writer. It takes a lot of effort to have patience. Wealth doesn’t come like a wind and blow your way without your hard-work (obviously) but if you mix hard-work + patience = great harvest. Although, the illustration of the Farmer is a bit dull but you should get the message.

There is a sister to Patience and that’s perseverance. Abraham Lincoln did not only exhibit patience, he also exhibited the sister to it. If you have hard-work + patience + perseverance = Continuous great harvest.

Don’t get me wrong, there’ll always be ups and downs and that’s why your patience and perseverance needs to keep growing. It is more than a virtue, it is a daily bread. If we learn every day to be patient with little issues, we can learn to be patient when the tide comes.

Today, I’m going to take you through your first Task to becoming patient.

Go out and wait for a bus that takes ages to arrive. Do not take your watch with you and keep your phone away from you.

If you can wait for a bus that comes probably once in an hour then you are on your way to gaining the most powerful virtue and you are halfway down your route to success.


“Roar Lion”

The home of those abandoned,

The toil of motherland,

The sweat of our men,

Stinks daily without the fruit of our labour

The people who care for the Lion

Are all asleep

All they want are their wages

The hearts of our dear mothers pant of their children

The children grow into men and women

They follow suit in the ways those who’ve passed on behaved

Will there be change?

Will it ever occur?

We’re waiting and expecting

Other Kingdoms and tribes come to motherland to take what is ours

They have the audacity because we do not take pride in our home

We are famished and hungry,

Thirsty for justice

We want Peace, Happiness and most of all Justice

We were once lions,

Lions of Justice,

Lions of Wealth,

Lions of good leadership,

Lions with a purpose

The mothers cry: “To work Lion”

The Children cry: “On your feet Lion”

The Men cry: “Roar Lion”

The hearts of its kindred all cry and tear in pieces

It is now time,

We have had enough

LION OF AFRICA: “Arise and Roar” like you’ve done in the past




It’s been ages since you’ve been waiting for that miracle,

The miracle seem like it won’t be happening,

But I want to inform you to be ready to expect it

On a personal note, I’ve been praying for many years,

And this issue seemed not to be resolved,

I found a solution for myself without contacting my Creator,

I subtracted HIM out of my life, of my existence,

And the result was a greater problem

Lessons learnt was; never ever control your life,

God does it in his own way, and his own time,

He knows the right time and even if situations get worse,

It is usually for the best.

Sometimes, we are made to learn the hard way

When we become adamant and stubborn

God makes the situation even worse

But that is just the stepping stone to your baby of happiness

It is difficult waiting, but Of course! You can wait

Wait, Wait, Wait,

The spirit says

Do not run faster than the spirit of God in you

He’ll bring that to manifestation

And your expectations will not be cut short


Fashioning my Body

I struggle with the society,

Feeding my mind with the right thing

Walking through the high street daily,

Feeds my eyes with varieties

Such variety, most I don’t deem appropriate

Because my self esteem is at stake and paramount

Full article can be found here


If you do not know my country, have a guess

My Country

A new birth, a new home, a new ruler

They all cried out: “Justice, that’s what we need”.

Retracing the paths they’ve trod with the calamities past,

The outnumbered deaths, the countless war and conflicts,

The battered homes, the unhappy people trying to hide to the world their unhappiness,

The plane crashes and wounded hearts,

The poor, maimed and immoral acts,

The injustice on the people, the hopeless hearts,

The thefts and arsons,

The countless crimes committed by those relied upon.

A cry, a tear

A heart tissue tearing apart,

“We need Justice, peace, happiness”

Will it be restored?

The home coming of a new child,

The hopes of all was rekindled,

We thought our battered homes will once again be rebuilt,

We hoped for the peace that once existed, to be restored,

We hoped that riches and all good things would be ours,

It never seemed to be forth coming,

The newly born didn’t make a difference in the hearts of our kings,

Now and again we plead to our creator for Justice.

The kings tear our homes apart,

Bringing more pain to the former,

The kings travel afar just to bring shame on our old home we’ve built for years.

Once upon a time, we had peace,

We had wealth, happiness, and togetherness,

We were the envy of other kingdoms,

We valued our homes and people,

We valued every new day that was born.

Now we pray to sleep and never wake up to the daylight,

We pray not for the night to come when it is day,

We fear to go afar from home,

We fear that the hands of death are so close,

We have nothing to fall back on,

We fear for our kingdom,

We fear those who don’t know our traditions will give us theirs under pressure,

We fear, fear, fear and ask WHY?

Why have the leaders turned out to be so cruel?

Why was there the birth of a new child into the Kingdom?

Why have we become as the poor when we have what it takes to inherit other kingdoms?

Why isn’t there togetherness anymore?

Why the war and conflicts?

Why the stealing and arson?

Why the deaths?

Why the selfishness?

Why the democracy?

Why are people suffering?

This is the story of my country, once called the LION OF AFRICA, yet people die of starvation. SAD!!!

And now, a video clip showing the history of my Country


                               The Redemption – A compilation of Christian poetry 

Addition to the book

Moment of Truth

I walk, run and think,
I pause and reminisce,
It all comes back like a flash of lightning

In the quest of true love I miss the mark
Now I try to walk back to find my course
But waves of sin erased my footprint and all I can think is Death

He told me how much he loved me and gave me all good things
It didn’t last for long I must say,
Soon greater torments, turmoil, and turbulent sea were my daily bread
Who could I cry to?

I did not forget how the pleasant man wanted me so badly and fought for me,
He gave everything to have me but I was blinded by what seemed good
The cruel man lured me with every asset I thought were His unknown to me he was a Thief

I pleaded everyday for his freedom but all he did was bound me in chains
I was torn and was taken aback when my chains broke free
I was free to go but didn’t know where

All I do is cry and pray for a miracle
I should have waited for true love
And now it’s the moment of truth

I neglected the pleasant man
Stupid and vain I was
All I wanted was the wealth of this world neglecting true happiness
I was impatient to true love

Now I stop running, I sit still
A hand guides me to safety
In his arms I feel love
I have missed his warmth
He speaks with a sweet voice and makes me go gaga
All I want to do is to love him with all my heart
To never let him go
To grab him with ample strength
And to tell him my moment of truth of my proud love to him

Now this moment I want to say “I love you Jesus”

This applies to every Christian and it is important for you to wait for God’s word before you make a mistake of fallen in love with the wrong person most especially the Devil.
I write this in my depressed moments and all I can say: “Even though the devil afflicts my body or tries to deceive me, the Lord is always there to uphold me and will not let me go”.


Second poetry in the book:

The Almighty Name

I walked through the darkness,

I hungered and thirst,

I craved for friendship,

I was lost in a desert,

There was no rescue,

No water or food,

In this desert, I cried

No one to hear me,

No one to listen to my cry,

In despair, I rent my garment,

It was soiled and I raked my finger through my hair,

My hair was damp from sweat of suffering,

How did I get myself into this?

For a moment, I stopped to ponder,

“May be”, I thought to myself, “I’d remember how I got here”

Was it really helpful?

Well, it may have been at the long run,

But at that instant,

I needed food,

I needed a friend,

I needed a shelter,

I needed love,

I needed HELP

I cried and at some point wondered why I cried,

The crying really didn’t help because there was no one around

And then I remembered sitting with that wonderful woman,

The woman I hadn’t respected for almost all my life

Her words to me were sore

I couldn’t bear listening to her saying to me;

 “You’ve got to have an encounter with him”,

Now those words keep ringing,

Could he have been the one who left me in the desert?

Just then, I remembered my juvenile delinquency,

 She always prayed for me,

After the first man I knew as dad, slept off as I watched,

And since then, I never knew a dad,

She told me that in the garden we were there really was nothing,

And it wasn’t beautiful as the owner had planned it to be,

I asked mother “why”, she told me the owner made it really beautiful,

But people were ungrateful,

She went further to tell me I should not to be ungrateful,

She also told me that one day she’d go on to be with father,

She told me that she would be praying for me and at some point I should be with them,

I wondered where she’d be going to,

How it would be,

If it would be better than the world I live in.

Now it’s all coming back to me like a flash,

It seems like yesterday when mother passed on,

The water keeps pouring down my cheeks,

What can I do?

Right now, I’m in a place I do not know

No one to help

I feel like going to be with mum and dad,

Just then, I feel this tap on my shoulder,

The voice saying to me:

“Arise my child, for the Lord has heard the prayers of your mother”,

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”

Once again, I feel comforted.

I feel a warm coat over my shoulders,

Slip through my arms,

And then I became warm again,

From nowhere I got a lovely meal,

And water to quench my thirst,

Before I could open my mouth to ask,

He said: “I am HE whom your mother spoke about to you years before she passed on”

“What is your name?” I ask

“I am the King of glory

The alpha and omega

The Lord mighty to save

Who was, and is and is to come,

The prince of peace, who calms your soul

The good shepherd, who guards your soul

I am the living bread of life, who feeds you

I am the almighty.”


15 November 2010

The first poetry of the book


Groping in darkness,

I longed for light,

I searched and searched

I was confused on what to search for,

A light or freedom? I pondered

Just a ray of light, just a beam of light

I wished, hoped and prayed.

Still groping

I could no longer hear that still small voice,

I stopped hearing that voice many years ago,

What has become of me? I thought

“I am Finished”, I cried out loud

I felt like crying, punching hard, most of all running away,

Where could I run to?

The cruel voice, so deep – kept calling

“This is where you belong”

“How did I get here?”, I quickly replied

No answer. “Oh!”, I exclaimed

I have been captured.

Mother warned me, but I didn’t heed to it

The warnings of my curmudgeon,

Warnings of my un-exculpate self kept recurring in my head

“Where do I go?”

“How do I get out of here?”, I thought

That cruel voice returned “There’s no way out”

“But I don’t want to be here”, I shivered

“You chose my path”, the cruel voice answered, making me shiver more

“Oh mother”

Just then a flicker of hope

Remembering mother’s words

“Jesus has borne my grief and died for me. His blood has atoned for my sins

And I am redeemed.” I replied

“No, you are not going to be saved from me, you are bound in shackles,

And your life is shattered”, the voice replied with no mercy

Devastated, I cried, “Oh God help me”, raking my fingers through my hair

Expecting a thought to flow through my head.

Just then I noticed the chains.

Confused and bereft, I knelt down in prayer

To the man Jesus as mum calls him.

“Lord Jesus, I know this is not the time to call you, I should have returned to

You those years mother pleaded, prayed and cried. Rather I chose to be a juvenile.

I should have trod the path mother took with you. I should have loved you the way mother did.

If I did, somehow you would have shown me the way to get out of here,

I wouldn’t have been here.

I did not believe in you but now I wholly do. I have wronged you, I have wronged mother,

And I’m sorry.

Will you give me the chance to love you as I ought to?

To serve you all my life?

Is there still pardon for me?

I am worn and stinking of sin, would you wash me with your blood and clothe me in righteousness?

Is this it or is there hope?”

I waited patiently for an answer.

He heard my prayers out of the dark,

Out of the snare of Satan.

The still small voice that I haven’t heard for many years returned,




There’s still hope.. My eyes beamed with joy





I listened and promised without realising the chains had been broken

I was set FREE!

I saw the light shining from afar and the voice saying “COME, MY CHILD”

I followed the voice and walked towards the light….

Mother woke me up in that instant

It was only a dream,

But really not just a dream, it was a dream of God’s revelation,

A dream of repentance.

I went on my knees to pray.

Oh that day, I will never forget,

A day I will never regret,

An experience I will always love to share,

A day Jesus built his temple in my heart and made it

A place of love, peace and happiness.

Will you choose to wait till you have an experience of reality that may never be a dream

Or go to Jesus right NOW?

More coming your way. Stay signed in


Who is there?

24 December 2010

He always keeps knocking no matter the time…

Who is there? I ask over and over again

How could I know?

My heart shut him out

He always knocks at the door when I’m crying

He knock when I’m happy

He knocks when I’m in need of a friend

He knows the right time to knock but I don’t need a friend who’ll break my heart again.

I catch a glimpse of him through his words

“How could a Prince come to me?”

“My life is in a mess, I have a shattered life”

“But I must not let him know”

He keeps coming back to me

Then I knew this was the climax of love

He came back to knock when everyone thought I was a failure

And he spoke “You can make it”

He assured me

Now life is at its ebb

I see life differently

I’m enjoying every bit of it

Because of the words that came from the knocking Prince

I am happy because he gave me reasons to smile

He gave me reasons to love a man again

Now I know him more although I’ve not seen his face nor do I know his name

Now he knocks again.

Who is there?

“Your Prince. I am the Prince of Peace. Will you open your heart’s door now?”

“Of course” I gladly accept HIM.

 More coming your way. Stay signed in


Welcome to Emerald’s notebook. Please feel free to read my articles and novels. More uploads will be made soon. If you desire to download any, a link will be up very soon. Do not forget to leave a comment on any work that may be improved or you just like or you intend using for an event.

Like I said previously on my profile, this is what I enjoy doing, this is my passion. This page is a column from my previous blog. I hope you enjoy reading and remain blessed.

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