Easter 2014

Let’s play a game. Try to find me and tell in the comment what role I played. Hint: I took part in one of the specials too

What is Love?

  Christ showed the true definition of Love when he offered himself as the sacrificial lamb but what do we as Christians show in return? Hurt, Rejection or True Love to Christ?

Testimony of Heaven

Whether or not you believe in revelations you should see this. Mind you, it’s pretty long and you have to listen carefully to pick her words. The bottom line of the whole matter is HEAVEN. Try not to criticise just listen and pray. It’s all for your soul’s sake.

Testimony: It’s a miracle


I love this girl. For years I prayed for her and wished she’d be this way. I needed a sister and the devil felt he’d take her far away from me for so long but Mercy said no, God held her close so she wouldn’t let go. Today I have more than a cousin, she’s my sister, my best friend, and my confidant. I love her so much and I pray God keeps her and strengthens her each day.