Blue Christmas – Rhema Marvanne


AW11 Accomplished?


Worth watching


The Writer at LFW – J.W. Anderson’s Catwalk show
To watch more, visit designer_profile.aspx?DesignerID=1664


Igbo Christian song:

You are awesome. You’ll never let me go, though my heart is torn. I will Praise you in This Storm


Jesus died – Paul washer



He did it for everyone. Can u?


God’s gift to us


Nigerian music video sang in Igbo langauage


I get my inspiration from Mogue. Considering I’ve got different tastes of fashion i.e. Modest fashion, I have to draw inspiration from different sources. In order not to bring out the impression that Modest fashion is dull I look for ways to enhance my Modest fashion because I do not intend drawing attention to myself as I walk on the street. I want to cover up my body and still feel good-looking, urbane and educated. From Mogue I get all this inspiration and there are other Magazines like Mogue ( which is Elle, they are very good as well.

( to see a wide range of collections in Modest fashion. They have weekly updates of pictures and news from around the UK fashion industry. A good place to start with freebies as well.


Your royal-green thought

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